Since 2015 I have been Artist in Residence of Hollybank Woods.  The woodland, part of the original Forest of Bere, is a site of approximately 157 acres comprising of ancient medieval woodland.  Hollybank is managed with the conservation and biodiversity at its heart, and my role as Artist in Residence adheres to this.  More information on the woodlands casn be found here.  


My role is to give a voice to the woodland and to bring attention to the stories, myths, politics, and beauty of this forest, often to areas which would otherwise go unnoticed.  I use printmaking as an image based medium to convey these thoughts, as well as combining it with sculpture and installation on site to engage the public directly.  Involving the public in creativly exploring the woodland is also key to my role.


Much of the sculptural work is created from foresty bi-product, thus reducing my impact on the woodland.  This is always a challenging and exciting proposition since my ideas have to take direct inspiration from the woodland, rather than me imposing my ideas on it.


To view the work thus far, at least part of it, please follow this link.