Woodland Spirits:

Community Project



As part of the Hollybank Fair, I worked alongside 180 school children from two local schools: Westbourne Primary School and Southbourne Infant School.  Using Sweet Chestnut, Birch and Cedar bark, a natural bi-product from some of the forestry practices, I helped them create their own woodland mask upon these bases.  We used materials sustainably sourced from Hollbank alongside some of the childrens' own resources to create wonderful, exciting and mysterious woodland spirits.  I worked with the children to help them create a name and character for their mask, which they wrote down and that was coded into QR codes attached to each mask.  


The resultant collection of lively spirits was installed amongst a birch spinney in Hollybank itself, atop traditionally made sweet chestnut stakes.  Visitors were able to walk in amongst the trees, finding the spirits as they went.  The QR codes enabled many people to read about the characters without interferring with their peaceful woodland home.


The masks were returned to the children afterwards to go on further display in the schools for more people to enjoy.


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