What do I do?

I have dedicated years of my life learning and exploring the techniques of multiple areas of print so that I may use them and break them freely as a means of artistic expression.  I am so proud to be able to know the highly skilled techniques of stone lithography, spit-bite etching, mezzotint, engraving, to name a few, that I feel equally excited when I forge ahead and use these skills to develop new forms of expression within print.  I see print as a beautiful amalgamation between human expression and human learning.  An artistic etching is not complete without a perfectly engineered printing press, a stunning complex stone lithograph is not complete without the exact ratio of nitric acid etches.  Print is so unique in its ingenuity, its science, its engineering, its skill, its craft, its art.  And my work takes deep pleasure in exploring all of the wondrous potentials, fun and mishaps that can occur in this concoction of an art-form.


Thus my practice varies in media and in form as the expression is influenced by the numerous techniques within print and how these may be integrated and deformed within an art-form.  What influences the practice is an exploration of the everyday thoughts and notions that stimulate us all as individuals within a collective tribe.  Comments upon society, upon our relationship with nature, upon our roles within the family unit, our nightmares, our dreams, our fears and our desires, and of course our roles as parents, mothers and carers.  My work examines the questions and experiences I have within society, within my family and within my darkest minds – a reflection of what I suppose we may call the human condition.  These stimuli take form in numerous ways – predominately print led, but also much textile work and object creation.  The continual making is essential for my practice and the exploration.  Thus I build an eclectic range of visual wonders that help me comment upon specific human experiences, each of whose uniqueness is reflected within the freedom of exploration of different media and technique.