Hollybank Woods Artist in




For over 2 years, I have been working as the Artist in Residence of the beautiful medieval conservation woodland, Hollybank Woods, in the heart of Hampshire downland.


The residency has two main objectives:  


Firstly: To allow me, as an artist to communicate the tales, work, landscape and debates of the woodland.  To communicate the often untold to a wider audience through the creative process.


Secondly: To engage with the public to explore the essence of Hollybank Woods through creative outreach projects and accessible artworks.  The aim of this is to bring people into the woodlands and to combine the creative arts with the environment we occupy.


Vital to the residency is an awareness of materials and their effects on the environment of Hollybank and beyond.  Thus, all inspiration for sculptural works comes from bi-product of forestry operations.  New materials that through the process of removal damage the fragile ecosystem of Hollybank will not be used in my practice.  Further, I am researching into alternatives to many of my daily materials in the studios such as paper, thread, fabric, glue, ink.  If we, as creative practitioners, can be more responsible in our process of making than I believe this Voice will have a powerful effect on a younger generation of artists.  We have to start being responsible for our actions now to change the future.


The residency is the body of my current practice.  It is not aimed to be a short term project, but, just as with the Trees, a long-term process of growth and exploration.  All of us at Hollybank are dedicated to the residency and the work of Hollybank to keep it alive and fresh for all.  The process of printmaking and sculpture, with its physical exertation and hand-guided making process seems the perfect artform to represent this woodland, filled with traditional forestry technique and engaging myths.



Photo: AB