A-N Professional Development Bursary


This bursary has been awarded to me to research into and develop a specific range of printing inks, made solely from UK sourced materials.  Hollybank and the South Downs will be my main area of collection of earth, rock and substance which I will then process myself in my studio into printing inks.  The aim is to create as wide a range of colour as possible, with the outlook of printing several large scale woodcuts using solely the UK ink.


Information on this project can be found by following the A-N Blog I have created, at this link.



Oppeneheim-John Downes Memorial Trust Grant


This grant was awarded to support the creation of 3 new sculptures to go on permanent displaye at Hollybank Woods.  The three pieces which are being constructed this year will work with bi-product from the operations at Hollybank combined with print and textile components.  


Updated information on the works and when they are installed for viewing will be added here.