Hidden Art Rocks - What Next?

So you may have found one of the rocs like this?  This is great!  If you find a rock with the code ART 01-13 then you have found a rock that entitles you to a £10 ticket to any one of the Make Together children and adult Art Workshops.  These workshop tickets cover one child with one adult, with the understanding that both the adult and the child will be participating to make some amazing things.  This is the aim, to encourage shared creativity and learning at different abilities and skill sets.  But all together.

These are fantasic workshops due to be run 8th and 9th August in Lavant Street Petersfield.  If you or a frriend would like to use this brilliant offer, please email me for the purchase code.  Only the first who find them get the offer!  But please do re-hide in the spirit of the hidden rocks.  


Ones which have FREE on them entitle the finder to book a second ticket for free to the classes.  Please email me for the discount code for purchase.  Happy hunting.